Special Effects

Dry Ice Fog

Want that "Dancing on clouds" effect?

Using the traditional powerful Pea Souper dry ice machine it can produce

consistent low lying fog hugging the ground.

We can help you create that perfect romantic and magical

moment for your wedding or event.


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Biodegradable Helium Dove Balloons

Bio dove balloons isn't your ordinary latex balloons. When filled with helium gas

they take on a form of a dove, they fly lightly into the sky with great characteristics.

These are great replacement for real doves.

Helium Dove balloons are a perfect addition to any events and occasions.

Release ten or one hundred to create that magical atmosphere.

Fantastic for weddings.


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Indoor/Theatrical Fireworks

Using only the best quality product available on the market today,

we will help you create the "WoW" factor for your event that you've

long dreamed of. Specialising in indoor/theatrical fireworks for weddings

engagement and all other events and occasions, our team of experienced

pyro technicians will make sure your night ends with a Big Bang.


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